Netsky Taps Bazzi and Lil Wayne For 'I Don't Even Know You Anymore'

Marie Wynants

Belgian mainstay Netsky is flexing with today’s (Feb. 14) release of “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore,” featuring red-hot pop R&B artist Bazzi and national treasure Lil Wayne.

The song is an uptempo breakup jam built from Bazzi’s smooth, rapid-fire delivery alongside a slinky hook from Netsky. Wayne then comes in on the verse rhyming about messy breakups in his signature elastic cadence.

“I got sent the song, and I loved it from the second I heard it,” Netsky told Zane Lowe in an interview. “[Bazzi and I] worked on lots of different productions, and we ended up with a version that we both really love. It turned out it was a childhood dream for both of us to work with Lil Wayne, who’s obviously and icon and a legend to both of us, so it’s amazing to have him finish this record. It’s an incredible addition to it.”

“I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” comes from Netsky’s forthcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines, a two-part project encompassing both his sunnier pop output ("Palmtrees") and more club-oriented bangers ("Powerlines"). The Bazzi x Wayne collab will land on Palmtrees alongside trackins including, “Téquila Limonada,” a previously released, entirely effervescent track featuring Peruvian singer A.CHAL. Meanwhile, last fall’s “Ice Cold,” a bass-heavy, Foreigner-sampling collab with David Guetta, will be situated on Powerlines. Palmtrees & Powerlines has yet to be tagged with a release date.

While talking with Lowe, Netsky addressed the kickback he experienced from some in his native drum & bass community after expanding he expanded his sound to pop. “I still love that side of the music as well,” he noted. “I just got to straight prove to myself as a producer -- I really love making big pop records and having that more urban side to my music now as well. It’s amazing to be able to combine both, and release on both sides.”

Listen to “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” below.