Kaskade Blends R&B With House on 'Love Me Like You Used To' Feat. Cecilia Gault: Listen

Tyler Gourley

Kaskade's most beloved work has always been his most beautiful, romantic melodies. Lately, he's been moving in more of a bass house party direction, but on "Love Me Like You Used To," his first original release in 2019, he finds a cool way to blend those moods. It's a bass-driven downtempo house track with rich, smoky vocals from Cecilia Gault.

The heartbreak ballad opens with moving string melodies, honoring his angelic roots while representing his clubby present. It hits delicately but with a lot of soulful power. Kaskade promoted it on Twitter with a sad-toned, rather cute video, questioning whether or not more people break up on Valentine's Day than any other holiday. If you do happen to break up, at least you've got this certified jam to cry to.

"Love Me Love You Used To," featuring Cecilia Gault, is out now on Arkade. Listen to it below.