Top 5 Remixes of Post Malone & Swae Lee's 'Sunflower': Listen

Post Malone performs at Beale Street Music Festival on May 6, 2018 in Memphis.

Who's got the best batting average in music right now? Post Malone is definitely on the MVP list. It seems every song he drops is a smash, and the streak continues with "Sunflower." The Swae Lee-assisted single was released as part of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack and hit No. 1 in January. The animated music video has more than 276 million views on YouTube. Hit status certified.

It's a sweet, romantic jingle with an easygoing vibe and a soulful tug, but what potential does its topline hold? As with any big hit, DJs and producers were quick to download these stems and get to making some remixes. Our list below includes a few hot takes, from dance-pop to future bass and even a couple cool mash ups. Which is your favorite "Sunflower" remix?

Post Malone & Swae Lee, Lost Kings - "Quit You x Sunflower Mash Up" 

Lost Kings' "Quit You" featuring Tinashe is built on a foundation of '80s pop drums and pastel flavors. It's a good mix for "Sunflower," which is also all kinds of soft rainbows. For this official Lost Kings mash up, Swae Lee and Malone's vocals land gently on the "Quit You" chords, and the blend is quite delicious.

Post Malone & Swae Lee - "Sunflower" (Kwon Remix)

"Sunflower" has a real daydreamy atmopshere, and Kwon keeps those sunshine rays intact while adding a whole lot of shiny synth energy. It's super catchy, happy goodness, the kind of song that'll have you bouncing up and down the street all day. The LA-based producer said the remix is done in homage to his favorite movie and song of the year. Of course, it's only been a couple of months, but we appreciate the sentiment.

Post Malone & Swae Lee - "Sunflower" (Not Your Dope Remix)

We're all used to brooding techno from Berlin, but this German producer busts a different move for his "Sunflower" remix. It opens with some funky guitar, builds into a head knockin' 808 rhythm, and climaxes in a drop that comes with all the future bass favorites. We've got water drops. We've got distant "hey"s. There's even a little more guitar. It's fun.

Post Malone & Swae Lee - "Sunflower" (Hibell Remix)

This UK-based producer turns the cute R&B tune into a colorful dance-pop bright spot. He ups the tempo and adds some extra bounce to the beat. It's still fun as a sing-along, but he drops the vocals in favor of a synth-lead hook. If you're a fan of Zedd or Skrillex's dance-pop works, you're gonna dig this one.

Post Malone & Swae Lee, Marshmello & Bastille - "Sunflower & Happier" (DJ Pyromania Mash Up)

What's better than one megahit? Two megahits turned into one. "Happier" was Marshmello's biggest hit to date, thanks to some cool vocals and coproduction from Bastille and its singer Dan Smith. Turns out, if you slow "Happier" down a little bit and pitch it down, Swae Lee's hook from "Sunflower" sounds positively divine.