DROELOE Talks Social 'Masks' & New Single 'Only Be Me': Exclusive

Rein Kooyman


This modern world is demanding. We've got to be great friends, thoughtful lovers, reliable employees and the kind of kids our parents can be proud of. Some of us have to be responsible parents or caring siblings, and for musicians these days? You've got to be funny, entertaining, prolific and maybe even some kind of role model for a youthful audience. It's enough to drive one insane, which is why it's so important to find people you can just be yourself with.

For DROELOE, the list of things to be only continues to grow, but it's first single of 2019 "Only Be Me" celebrates those relationships that remind you how comfortable simple straightforwardness really is. It's a catchy, melodic sing-along that lies somewhere between indie rock jams and hook-ridden future bass.

"It will almost never lead to a meaningful interaction with someone if there is always a communicative filter between you," DROELOE's Vincent Rooijers tells Billboard Dance. "For me, meaningful interactions is a goal in life, therefore I try to be sincere towards everyone I meet. And although that can prove to be harder than it sounds sometimes, the rewards are worth it."

Taking this concept of personality facets further, the Dutch duo developed a series of infomercials around a surreal, almost dystopian concept of an as-seen-on-TV "mask."

"I think the main inspiration for the mask concept comes from our personal struggle sometimes," DROELOE's Hein Hamers says. "We’re expected to be these social butterflies who are always active on social media with something to say about anything all the time. We personally always try to stay as true to ourselves as possible, but sometimes, there are moments where we wish there would be some kind of mask that we could put on and be these 'EDM Pop-stars' that people might expect us to be."

In the infomercials, those who wear the masks can hide their true underwhemling feelings and magically become the respectful, responsive, cheery-eyed person whoever they're talking to wants them to be. They drip with intended sarcasm, but there's a kernel of truth inside the message that's easy to relate to.

"Infomercials are notoriously known for being over the top and often totally unnecessary," Hein says, "but somehow, (they hit) home for one weird reason or another. We thought this would be a cool way to convey this concept to the world." 

"It’s the perfect way to sell a failed self-help product," Rooijers adds. "I personally loved the idea of the story from the song happening in a world where the masks are a real thing."

"Only Be Me" is out Friday on bitbird, and DROELOE celebrates with a second leg of its tour in support of 2018 EP The Choices We Face. The duo will be joined by Kidswaste, Fytch, Tails and special guests as the group moves across North America.

"We’re very excited to go back on the road again," Hein says. "We’ve just had a pretty long break of about three months of not doing shows, just really focusing on what’s next. We can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been cooking up for the tour. We can’t really go into too much detail right now about how we’re going to integrate 'Only Be Me' and the masks into the show, but we’re working on something."

Tickets for The Choices We Face tour Part 02 are on sale now. Check all the upcoming DROELOE tour dates and listen to "Only Be Me" a day ahead of its official Friday, Feb.1, release below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.


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