Bonobo Sets a Tropical Mood on 'Ibrik': Listen

Neil Krug


Music is magic, and British producer Bonobo is one of the most skilled wizards on the modern scene. His melodies and layered rhythms cast spells on the room, bringing the mood down to shadows or up to lofty heights in just a few seconds. His latest track "Ibrik" brings a warm hush on your soul, then, keeping you in that hazy headspace, turns the slow burn to a brilliant boil. Strings, bright xylophone hits, shaking maracas and lilting synths build and release the tension over a steady beat, covering the track in an emotive, bittersweet sheen.

It's Bonobo's first release of 2019, and it comes paired with the news that he's launching a new mix series for iconic London nightclub Fabric. It's called Fabric Presents, and it features this and a few other unreleased gems from Bonobo and his friends. The mix is slated for release Friday, Feb. 22, but "Ibrik" is out now on Fabric Worldwide. Listen to it below.