Sander van Doorn & Frontliner Find Humanity In The Glitch On 'One Love': Exclusive

Carin Verbruggen
Sander Van Doorn

We're living in strange technologic times. Our devices aim to connect us with humans around the world, and yet it can often feel so chaotic mining true emotion from the electronic landscape. We're so reactive to it, and yet we've so completely inbedded our lifestyles.

It can be like a jungle, and it's this sort of distorted search for truth that shines in the glitched-out melodies of Sander van Doorn's psytrance sing-along "One Love."

"'One Love’ is definitely one of the most fun collaborations I’ve done over the years," Doorn tells Billboard Dance. "We made the track in my studio at home, and it was great working with Frontliner. Originally, we were working on another vocal, but we couldn’t get that cleared, so my publisher suggested Daan Koch, who ended up writing the lyrics. I immediately knew his vocal was way better than the previous one, and I think the result is amazing."

Frontliner brings humanity to the ever-changing sonic palette, tying together both the song's aggressive hooks and ballad-esque refrains.

"For me as a Hardstyle producer," the Dutch artist explains, "it’s not usual to produce a Psytrance kind of track, but Sander and I are both perfectionists, and our styles fused perfectly together."

It's an adventurous tune that hits a lot of different feelings, one of them defintely being the peak of party atmospheres. "One Love" is out in full Monday, Jan. 21, but you can listen to it in full below ahead of schedule, exclusively on Billboard Dance.