Shaun Frank & Delaney Jane Make Up -- Maybe -- In 'Throwback': Exclusive

Delaney Jane & Shaun Frank, "Throwback"
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Delaney Jane & Shaun Frank, "Throwback"

Do you believe in true love? Delaney Jane doesn't sound like she's exactly sure, but she is 100 percent certain that Shaun Frank is some kind of magical man meant to be in her life.

Whether or not the romantically-linked pair are acting or truly feeling the tension of love found, lost and never forgotten is up in the air, but you can decide for yourself in this music video for their collaborative single "Throwback."

"Delaney and I have written so many songs together, but [we've] never done a full duet 'till 'Throwback,'" Frank tells Billboard Dance. "I feel like neither of us could have succeeded in this crazy world without each other, and our bond is a really special thing to me. This is also the first song in a long time that I’m singing on, so I’m excited and also a bit nervous for that. I hope you guys enjoy the story."

The video features Jane and Frank interviewing and performing in the same warehouse, though the two haven't seen each other in quite some time. It seems the couple has broken up, maybe, but there seems to still be a lot of emotions between them. Jane nearly cries. Frank is all flusterred, and they try not to catch each others' glances. It's kind of painful, though most of us know the feeling. Even if this is scripted, it's heartbreaking. 

"There are some people who will enter your life and change your world forever," Jane says. "You’ll feel this magnetic pull towards them as if you’ve known each other in past lifetimes. You’ll click on a level you never thought possible with another human being ... You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, and in that moment you won’t even be aware of how special that moment truly is. It’s not until a few years later that you even realize how beautiful, honest and innocent that memory is. You’ll wish you could go back to that time, when the dream was just a dream. When you were just two kids having fun. When life wasn’t so complicated. You’ll cry tears of gratitude for everything you’ve done together and tears of sadness for everything that changed along the way. At the end of the day, you know one thing is for certain; whether you end up together or not, the love you have for one another is eternal."

"Throwback" is just the latest in an emotional string of releases for Jane, though this one hits particularly hard for the both of them. Watch the video for "Throwback" below, a day earlier than its wide release, exclusively on Billboard Dance.


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