Deadmau5 & Mr. Bill Explore A Colorful, VR Digiverse in Easter Egg-Heavy '10.8' Video: Watch

Deadmau5 & Mr. Bill - 10.8
Courtesy Photo

Deadmau5 & Mr. Bill, "10.8"

Ever wonder what deadmau5' VR fever dream would be? His Mr. Bill collaboration "10.8" answers that call with a three-minute exploration of all things vibrant and twisted, and it's chock full of mau5trap-related easter eggs for the discerning fan, too.

Created by trio team FunilabFelix Stief and Sneekypops, it warps and wriggles through concert arenas, galactical adventures, and all manner of exciting, otherworldly experiences.

"The idea for this video was to exploit the technical possibilities that Quill [a VR painting software] allows you to perform, like going from a very small object to something as big as the moon in a few seconds, or travelling through worlds nested into each other like Russian dolls," designer Simone Fougnier, a.k.a. Funi, is quoted in a press release. "Deadmau5 and Mr. Bill's tune was crazy enough to be the perfect soundtrack for this experiment. We rush from one section to the other only to realize, at the end, that all of those were just fiction, playing on screens while Bill and mau5 are half asleep in a messy room. Music makes you go anywhere, even if you're in a pizza induced coma."


Mr Bill met deadmau5 during one of the latter's popular Twitch streaming sessions. In fact, it was a session wherein deadmau5 was trying to show how to achieve that "Mr. Bill sound." It's led to a fruitful relationship wherein his label mau5trap has released everything from Mr. Bill's Electrocado EP (another one is on its way), his score for Nic Cage's horror comedy Mom And Dad, and his full-length, IDM album, Apophenia.

"It's great to be able to bring Funi -- an artist, friend and close collaborator who I have been working with for a decade - into the mau5trap family," Mr. Bll is quoted. "The Horde will be floored."

Get floored with the "10.8" music video below, and look out for more from deadmau5 and Mr. Bill very soon.