Grey Sign to Island Records, Drop Punchy 'Want You Back' With Léon: Listen

Koury Angelo


Dance-pop fans around the world know Grey by now. The dyed-haired duo has a superfan in Grammy-nominated producer Zedd, who has said Grey are the only peers he's ever given his library of original sounds to. The three friends are actually neighbors, and they've worked together on super hits "The Middle" and "Starving" among other tunes. All the while, Grey has been busy writing its own jams, and today, we get the first taste of a bright Grey future.

"Want You Back" is a bouncy dance-pop ballad with sing-along vocals from Swedish pop singer Léon. It's a powerful, punchy, radio-friendly song that uses a lot of the same vocal and melodic techniques we've seen on Grey's Zedd collaborations, but let the record show, this duo can build a genuine hit on its own.

It's the beginning of a new era for Grey, who welcomed 2019 with an excited note. "It’s kinda crazy that we spent all of 2018 working on music but haven’t been able to share any of it until now,” the duo wrote in a post shared to Twitter. “The good news is, all that is gonna change."

Grey also shared the news that they've signed a record deal with Island Records, that there is "a ton" more music where "Want You Back" came from, and also, apparently, there are only two escalators in all of Wyoming.

Listen to "Want You Back" with Léon below.