San Francisco's Mezzanine, Denver's Beta Nightclub Announce Closures

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About a week after news broke that New York City's beloved OUTPUT nightclub would permanently close its doors Jan. 1, 2019, club goers in Denver and San Francisco find themselves in similar straights.

Denver's Beta Nightclub, once named in the top 25 clubs of all time by Billboard and the top club in the United States by Rolling Stone, will hold its final party Saturday, Jan. 5 2019, while Mezzanine in San Francisco's Mint Plaza will run out its lease in October.

Beta announced its closure after nearly 11 years of business in posts to social media Thursday night (Dec. 20).

"Our mission statement was always simple," states a Facebook post, "club culture evolving. As we made the decision to draw Beta Nightclub to a close, we reflect back on this mantra and what it has become. We want to honor what we set out to do, honor our DJs for their devotion to their craft, honor our staff and promoters for their dedication, and most importantly, honor our fans who have shared their valuable time with us. It is with that reflection that we acknowledge the need to take this time to reset, recalibrate, and re-familiarize ourselves with our promise. Our reputation reflects our integrity and we want to remain true to what we stood for."

Mezzanine's closure is far from elective. According to a report by the SF Chroniclethe hybrid live venue and DJ discoteque is forced to end its more than 15 years of business as the building's owners refuse to renew its lease. They instead have chosen to release the property to a lucrative tech company for a rent increase of as much as 600 percent. The city's Mayor, London Breed, has called the decision "extremely disappointing."

“Our entertainment and nightlife businesses are an important part of our local economy, but institutions such as Mezzanine are valuable for reasons beyond just economics -- they provide important cultural space for our residents, artists and visitors,” Breed is quoted. “I am hopeful that the owners of the building will stay at the table and continue to work with the owners of Mezzanine to find a solution.”

Read more about Mezzanine's legacy and impending closure via the SF Chronicleand read Beta's full message to clients and fans from Facebook below.