Gryffin Breaks Down 'Gravity Pt. 1' EP Track By Track: Exclusive

Koury Angelo

It's been a whirlwind couple of years for Gryffin. The New York City-based producer hit the scene hard with his breakout hit "Heading Home" in 2016. A big Coachella performance in 2017 proved his chops on stage and confirmed he had more energetic, house-driven pop hooks at the ready. He's continued traveling, but all the while kept himself firmly rooted in the studio, and today (Dec. 14), he unveils the first in a two-part series of EPs called Gravity Pt 1.

It's a body of work written and recorded around the world, but every mood is synthesized by Gryffin's signature, feel-good glow. Carefully chosen vocals play perfectly into his uplifting melodies to sweep you off your feet and closer to house-pop heaven. A true performer, Gryffin lets the tracks grow ever-more rhythmic as the EP goes, creating a forward sense of motion throughout.

We caught up with him to get the full story behind each track; check it out below.

"Nobody Compares To You" Feat. Katie Pearlman

"Nobody Compares To You" is one of my favorite tracks I've ever made, and I feel like it has played a major role in the evolution of the project's sonic identity. One of the first things that was created around this song was the vocal chop melody that you hear in the drop and throughout the record. From there, it was about trying to create this warmth and energy around that central piece and using guitars and keyboard organs to really give that organic, warm vibe. Katie Pearlman's voice is incredible, and she gave the track such heart. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

"Just For A Moment" Feat. Iselin

I remember hearing the demo and immediately being pulled in by the chorus and Iselin's delicate, sweet vocals. I wanted this song to have a huge, uplifting drop but to also showcase a very soft, emotional side throughout the record in the verses and pre-chorus. The piano in the bridge section was actually recorded on a day off in Tokyo in this huge studio. I had never really thought to track an acoustic grand piano for the song, but when I showed up to the session, I knew I had to take advantage of the setup. I'm really glad I did. It gave the bridge a nice lift and gave me the inspiration to switch up the final guitars in the last drop for extra dynamic.

"Tie Me Down" with Elley Duhé

"Tie Me Down" is a record that I feel has the [true] Gryffin sound due to its uplifting feel and energy. It was also a record that really tested me as an artist. My team and I spent nearly two years working on this record, trying to find the right vocalist, and then ultimately clearing the song. Once Elley cut it, we knew the record was done and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Fun tidbit; the drop of this song was actually created on my MacBook in a hotel room in San Francisco, just programming in the notes on my computer keyboard. It was a rare successful hotel studio session for me, as usually I find it nearly impossible to make music on the road.  

"Remember" with ZOHARA

When ZOHARA originally sent me this topline, I knew I wanted to make a house record, but was deciding which direction to take it. Last year, I experimented with this metallic synth sound on a remix of Snakehips I did. Once I dug it up when looking for sounds, I took the song into a club direction. It's a favorite in my Vegas sets for sure, and I was really happy to return to my more house-leaning roots on this one.

"Bye Bye" with Ivy Adara

"Bye Bye" really stood out to me when I heard the vocal, because it's almost like the meaning of the lyrics are masked by Ivy's innocent and bright vocals. It's a song about being conflicted, and I really wanted to create a vibe that accentuated those clashing emotions.  

"You Remind Me" Feat. Stanaj

Neil Jacobson sent me this record a few months ago and was like, "I think you could crush this." I listened to Stanaj's original demo and heard something classic about it. [I] thought to myself, "This sounds like something my dad would like. How do I modernize it?" It sounded like a [record by] The Police, which is what made it stand out to me. After a lot of trial and error with figuring out a direction for it, I am really happy with how it turned out. Some of my favorite guitar work ever is on this record, and Stanaj delivered an absolutely phenomenal vocal performance on this one. 

Gravity Pt. 1 is out now on Darkroom via Geffen Records. Listen to it below.


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