Infected Mushroom Break Down 'Head Of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys' Album: Exclusive

Infected Mushroom
Tsafi Avigdor

Infected Mushroom

When it comes to wild, energetic, fat PsyTrance beats, Israel's Infected Mushroom is king. The duo's cartoonish exuberance and sci-fi textures help make it the one of the best-selling Israeli music acts on the international scene. With more than two decades of recording and performance experience, Infected Mushroom recently took its sound back to the roots on 2017's Return to the Sauce, and that glitched-out storytelling continues on the new project Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys.

Infected Mushroom began work on this seven-song collection about a year and a half ago. Playful horns, stomping drums, crunching guitars and all manner of bizarre electronic noises bounce between trippy moods and cinematic tones. It's the soundtrack to Alice's great fall down the rabbit hole, or some twisted carnival of the netherworld unleashed. It tells a loose tale of interstellar intrigue with some international influences. Get the full story on each track's wild style in this track-by-track breakdown below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

"Bliss on Mushrooms" Feat. Blizz, Miyavi

Our second collaboration with PsyTrance master Bliss, after his sick remix to "Bust a Move." We had so much fun working back and forth with Bliss on a new original song, and the result led up to a 10-minute journey of pure Psy. We also had the pleasure of having Miyavi playing some distortion guitars on top of this one. This track has already been played all over the world by ourselves and Bliss; the videos speak for themselves.


The title came because the track started with guitars, and for a lack of a better name, we just stuck with it. It is 145 bpm of psychedelic dance floor craziness that keeps evolving and making you forget where it all started. We have some of our signature Infected sounds and a lot of our homemade plugins sprinkled on it (such as Manipulator and Gatekeeper).

"Head of Nasa"

This name was so good, so we had to name the album after it. It started as an internal joke about some of our tour crew and evolved to a fully fledged sci-fi story, and this story led to a full concept album about space. We leave the rest to your imagination.

"Chechen Barvaz?"

"Barvaz" means "duck" in Hebrew. At the end of the track, the main lead sounds like a duck; thus, the name "Barvaz." Once again, we had so much fun recording this vocal, and we were cracking up, so we gave the track the name it deserves. The track itself has some happy melodies and a killer simple bassline in the beginning.

"Walking on the Moon"

This single is our take on Brazilian Bass, which we fell in love with last year when we were inspired by ALOK and other Brazilian bass acts. It has more of a song structure then our usual stuff and came out in the awesome game Rocket League -- in Rocket League x Monstercat Vol 4. Thanks to the game, we got a lot of new fans that started discovering Infected.

"Here We Go Go Go"

This is a very, very deep name. We added two more "gos" because it's so deep. This one is more Progressive Trance than usual for us, but it still has lots of melodies and the "Infected Juice." It’s a great track for the beginning or ending of our sets.

"Lost in Space" Feat. Tuna, A-WA

"Lost In Space" was a collaboration between ourselves, Tuna (a famous artist from Israel), and A-WA (a girl group from Israel). The song has three languages in it: Hebrew, English and Arabic. This is for sure not the typical Infected sound. It has a more hip-hop vibe with some awesome lyrics and diverse influences to it. We thought this would be the best fit to end the journey of Head of NASA.

The only thing crazier than an Infected Mushroom release is the duo's tour, and there's a full set of dates across North America planned, starting in Los Angeles on Saturday, Dec. 22.

Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys is out now on Monstercat. Dive into its psychedelic depths below.