Shaq Details Super Bowl 2019 Fun House Event: 'Everyone Is Gonna Be There'

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Tin Lazar
SHAQ, Gronk, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, and DJ Irie.

Migos, Tiesto, Diplo, Lil Jon and T-Pain are all set to participate.

This Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3), you can sit at home with your beer-drinking uncle and your college buddies nit-picking the commercials, shoving gobs of gooey microwave queso into your mouth -- or you can head to Atlanta, Ga. and party with Shaq and his friends Migos, Tiesto, Diplo, Lil Jon and T-Pain.

Shaq knows how to throw a party, and he proved it with Shaq's Fun House, the part music festival, part carnival, part circus get-down he premiered as an invite-only experience at Miami Music Week last March. This Super Bowl LIII celebration is open to the public, and 2,000 tickets are available to regular football fans like me and you.

"I've been to the last 10, 15 Super Bowls," Shaq tells Billboard Dance, "I've been to all the parties, and they're boring. This one is in Atlanta. I am the Emperor of Atlanta."

Shaq only knows how to do things big, so he contacted his music managers Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman, who rented out The Battery! Atlanta at Suntrust Park, then he called up his musical friends and said "I need you." No one says "no" to Big Shaq Diesel.

"This is not an EDM festival, a dubstep or hip hop event," Shaq says. "It's all of those combined. Migos; they're the hottest, they're from Atlanta. I couldn't have a party without them. Tiesto is a legend. Diplo does everything. Lil Jon helped create the Atlanta scene, and T-Pain has always been my favorite artist. I'm gonna get on the wheels of steel, plus, when you're at the Super Bowl, everyone is gonna be there. It's not one major audience, so we're gonna hit all of them."

Shaq's Fun House will also feature food from STK and Waffle House -- two of Shaq's personal favorites. Tickets include open bar, and if you wanna pay extra, Hakkasan will provide the VIP tables. Of course there will be carnival goodies, and Shaq hired Cirque Du Soleil to present a special performance of its MYSTÉRE show, and Shaq may or may not be involved.

"I'm not going to talk too much about it," he says, "just going to bust it out with the stage and the lights and the flame throwers. Yes, I'm going to perform. That's all you need to know."

"Life is all about just party and have a good time," Shaq adds. "We're not trying to fight. We all have views on certain issues, but lets just jam for an hour and a half, hug the guys next to you, shake his hand, and just have a great time."

Shaq's Fun House Super Bowl 2019 edition comes to Atlanta Friday, Feb. 1. Tickets are now available on presale for American Express card holders, and tickets open to the general public Thursday, Dec. 13.

Check the full lineup below.

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