Seeb Teams With Bastille for Pop-Rockin' 'Grip': Listen

Jonathan Vivaas Kise


Working with Bastille gave Marshmello the biggest hit of his career this year with "Happier," and it seems the UK band enjoyed its time in the dance sphere, because they're with another dance-pop collab with Norwegian trio Seeb.

“It ended up as a creature of its own, with DNA from both Seeb and Bastille," Seeb is quoted in a joint press statement. "We were all very much involved in the process, even though we were all in different places; at one point even in three different continents. We hope it will show the fans a different side to SeeB as we begin to explore new paths.”

"Grip" is a blend of pop rock and electronic hooks, perfect for radio play or getting ready for a night on the town. It's a sing-along for car rides with friends and a belter when you're alone playing star in front of the mirror.

“Seeb turned our big, messy guitar song into something new and completely different," Bastille's Dan Smith is quoted, "but it still feels wholly in keeping with the escapist theme of the song: the euphoria and horrors of a late, late night. When the drop happens, it’s like you get sucked back into the weirdness of the night, or like a door’s been opened into the clubby world of Seeb. Their production takes it somewhere we never would have expected.”

The single is out now on Universal Music and Virgin Records, and it'll be included on Bastille's fourth mixtape, Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4, out in full Friday. Listen to "Grip" below.

Ewen Spencer