Oliver Heldens & Shungudzo's 'Fire in My Soul' Gets Tribal Music Video: Watch

Oliver Heldens
Cooper Seykens

Oliver Heldens

Life as a hunter-gatherer probably isn't easy. You're always at the mercy of the elements. You've got to track your food, and it could very well get away. It's a tough life, but there are benefits. You're out in nature, you're unfettered by the complications of capitalism (mostly), and you're probably pretty damn fit.

The tribespeople of Oliver Heldens' latest music video for "Fire in My Soul" are the fittest around. Shot on location in De Veluwe, Netherlands, the clip features Dutch actress and model Farrieda Smit in high-fashion furs and weaved cloth. This is definitely tribal couture. The clip was directed by Mike Meijer, and it fits the mood of Heldens' rhythmic single, featuring fiery vocals from Shungudzo.

It may or may not be an accurate depiction of life as a hunter-gatherer, but it's fun to watch either way, so check out the music video for "Fire in My Soul" below.