Alesso, 3LAU & Tycho Lead Ninja's 'Ninjawerks Vol. 1' Compilation: Listen to the 3 Singles

Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Content Pool


Gamers, pause your games and get your headphones -- no, not the ones with the microphone; the ones for listening. On Friday (Nov. 30), we get the first taste of Ninja's forthcoming Ninjawerks Volume 1 electronic music compilation. It's his ultimate gaming soundtrack, curated with love to keep you in the zone for hours on end.

There are three songs serving as singles. We start with Alesso's "Tilted Towers," a titular nod to an area on the Fortnite gameplay map. It's a downright club track with pulsing beat, steamy bass and an exotic vocal.

“[Tilted Towers is] where most people land, so it’s very action-packed, intense and chaotic," Alesso is quoted in a press release. "I’ve been playing this song during my shows and everyone has been enjoying it. When I found out about this project with Ninja, I knew that it was the perfect home.”

From there, it's "Game Time" with 3LAU, and Ninja makes a featured appearance. It's another bass-heavy mood, this one a little edgier with slight industrial vibes.

“Since playing Ocarina of Time, video games have been a huge part of my life, and the best soundtracks always caught my ear (especially Zelda)," 3LAU is quoted. "When I had the opportunity to work with Ninja on ‘Game Time’ & the Ninjawerks compilation, I was insanely excited to combine two lifelong interests. In making ‘Game Time,’ the goal was to meld more nostalgic video-game sounds with a modern club-oriented bass line & of course, Ninja’s synthesized vocals. It was the perfect recipe for a high energy record, and we are all so excited for the world to hear it!”

Tycho's tune "Jetty" is the brightest, with a beautiful sunrise softness that's become his signature.

“I've always been inspired by video games and the alternate reality they offer," Tycho is quoted. "This is something I try to achieve in my music: to transport the listener to another space. I'm excited to connect my music with an art form that I enjoy so much.”

Ninjawerks Volume 1 is set for release via Astralwerks on Dec. 14. Listen to each of the three singles below.