ODESZA Celebrate With 'A Moment Apart Deluxe Edition': Listen

Avi Loud/Courtesy of Shore Fire Media


Line up, ODESZA fans. The holiday season came early, and this gift bag is full of nine previously unreleased treasures to treat your ears. 

The deluxe edition of A Moment Apart is out on ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective, complete with that studio version of "Loyal," as well as the studio version of that "It's Only" VIP remix which the Seattle-based duo shared a live recording of from its hometown show. There's also a remix of "Memories That Call You" by ODESZA and Golden Features, plus vocal and instrumental versions of the reprises of "Falls," "Line of Sight" and "Higher Ground." 

"A Moment Apart Deluxe drops today, and we wanted to say thank you," the duo tweeted. "This record changed our lives and sent us on a wild journey that wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you all for listening and being a part of this with us."

Share in this special moment with a duo that truly dominated in 2018 with A Moment Apart Deluxe below.