ODESZA Announces Deluxe Edition Of 'A Moment Apart': Watch

Avi Loud/Courtesy of Shore Fire Media


You've got to admit, ODESZA's A Moment Apart was a serious game-changer. It took the dreamy Seattle duo from niche favorite to Coachella headliners and begat one of music's most exciting arena tours of 2018. No wonder the boys want to honor it with a deluxe edition reissue. Fans are already champing at the bit for it too.

ODESZA announced the forthcoming release with a brooding, beautiful video set to a soundtrack of an emotive, acoustic take on the title track, composed of piano, violin, horn and church pew hand knocks. Fans enjoyed it so much, ODESZA was compelled to share the tune as a free download.

We don't know too much about the deluxe edition, but we'd guess it includes some unreleased material, perhaps extra tunes from the album sessions. We know it at least includes this live version of "It's Only" from 2014's In Return. This version was recorded at WaMu Theater in ODESZA's native Seattle, and we know this because the duo shared the video as promotion for the deluxe edition.

When the deluxe edition will be released remains a mystery, but hey, you can enjoy the spoils of the announcement below.