Skrillex Delivers Gnarly Remix Of Travis Scott's 'Sicko Mode': Listen

If you thought "Sicko Mode" was a Frankenstein before, wait 'til you hear this Skrillex remix. The five-minute piece has more moods than Kanye.

It starts with the familiar carnival chords of Travis Scott's original, though Skrill added his own layers of sound. The first jump after Drake's verse remains, and the producer starts spicing things up with monster womps as heard in his Rick Ross collaboration "Purple Lamborghini." It sounds infected by a glitch, and the alterations keep coming. He hits Scott's second verse with some atmospheric orchestral bits, then he rips its face off with booty-bouncing bass.

By the time Drake comes back, Astroworld has been fully Skrillified. Pretty synths, gun shots, footwork rhythms, trap drums; it's all in there. It's a real roller coaster ride.

Listen to it below, and feel free to put your hands up at any time.