Skrillex Jokes He's Changing His Name to 'DJ Skittles' Thanks to Mariah Carey

Skrillex, 2017
Jas Davis 


Mariah Carey is still a "Heartbreaker" after all these years. She just got Skrillex to change his iconic name -- but never his haircut.

Alright, it was a joke, but we're very serious about the R&B pop legend and the electronic super producer having worked together on her new album Caution. 

"I call him Skittles," Carey told Sway on MTV's TRL. "We have our own private joke about that. I loved him as a person, I love what he brought to the table musically." 

Two songs from the pair made the album final cut. The first is a track called “The Distance,” a shimmering bit of future grooves about love that lasts, featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The second is a yet-to-be-released bonus song set for digital released called "Runway." 

Caution was released on Nov. 16. It's out on Epic Records.

You can hear "The Distance" and watch the TRL clip with Carey below.