12th Planet's 'Swamplex Terrestrial' EP Wubs From Another World: Exclusive

12th Planet
Ramon Cho

12th Planet

It's no big secret 12th Planet has a thing for outer space. Of course, you can't hear dubstep in space, but that doesn't stop him from trying. His wub dubs are some of the stompiest around. If there is extraterrestrial life, they're gonna feel these bass vibrations. 

His next EP Swamplex Terrestrial taps into some retro scifi vibes on its title track lead single. The intro could totally soundtrack a space invader horror trailer. The melodu almost has a Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe. That drop is pure havoc, even as cute ray gun theramin sounds cut through the brutal beat. 

"Swamplex Terrestrial represents a few of the things I love; dubstep, wrestling, and aliens," 12th Planet tells Billboard Dance. "I am really proud of these records. I was able to collaborate with some of my favorite artists right now. This EP comes at a perfect time. I launched Swamplex Radio with Insomniac recently and just announced the Swamplex Tour. I'm hitting China this week, New Zealand, Australia, all across the USA and Canada with more dates being added."

Swamplex Terrestrial sees full release Friday, Nov. 23, on 12th Planet's Disciple Records. The Swamplex Tour takes him across North America from January through March 2019. He'll be joined by Gentlemen's Club, Shlump, Infekt and Murda at select dates. Check the full tour lineup and listen to "Swamplex Terrestrial" below.