Party Pupils, Ashe & MAX Get Hot and House-y on 'Love Me for the Weekend': Exclusive

Party Pupils & Ashe
Courtesy of Dim Mak

Party Pupils & Ashe

Dance music has always been a sly wink toward innuendo, but on Party Pupil's latest single, "Love Me for the Weekend," the future funk duo led by MAX get with Ashe to make a compelling argument for wearing your sexuality on your sleeve.

"'Love Me for the Weekend' is about being honest with yourself and whoever you're looking to enjoy yourself with," Party Pupils tells Billboard Dance in a joint statement. "It's about female empowerment and not being judged for embracing your sexuality."

Party Pupils (fronted by MAX) are close collaborators and friends, but this is the duo's first time getting on a track with Ashe. She's someone they've wanted to work with for a while, since they first heard her on Whethan's "Can't Hide" and fell for her "welcoming and unique" voice.

"One of our goals with Party Pupils from the beginning has been to work with artists we truly love, and Ashe was no exception," the duo continues. "We met in the studio for the very first time just two months ago and wrote this song within 15 minutes. Her ability to communicate exactly what's in her head, melodically and lyrically, was almost effortless and beautiful to witness."

"Love Me for the Weekend" is a definite win with a danceable groove guaranteed to get you close to the one you want. Bust a move to this on the dance floor, and you'll have your sweetheart swooning for sure.

“Working with Ryan and MAX was like working with long lost brothers I’ve never met before," Ashe says. "We were already so like-minded in what we wanted in life, so what we wanted in the music seemed to come so naturally. love me for the weekend was written in possibly an hour or less; it was our first session ever together."

The single is out everywhere Friday, but you can listen to it a day early below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.