Tiga & The Martinez Brothers Get Low-Key Weird On 'Blessed' EP Pt. 1: Exclusive

Tiga & The Martinez Brothers
Fernando Valencia

Tiga & The Martinez Brothers

In the halls of electronic music, Tiga gets the award for most bizarre. His songs are infectious and daring, but always plant a foot in surreal dimensions. He takes cues from the urban mainstream and twists familiar tropes into something just left of center and a few shades more sinister. It's brilliant, really, and it's made The Martinez Brothers longtime fans.

Of course, those Brothers have been leaders of the tech house generation since they were teenagers. It's no surprise the exploratory musical minds formed a fast friendship. Today, that friendship becomes fruitful on a four-track EP called Blessed Pt 1.

"Blessed is a project that came together through the back stages and parties," The Martinez Brothers tell Billboard Dance in a joint statement. "It’s been a labor of love and a pleasure working with Tiga. He’s been one of those artists we’ve always wanted to work with for a long time, and it’s really cool how we’ve built a real friendship over the years. That’s our brother right there. Been listening to his stuff for a long time, and he’s great at making hooks. He was coming up with all these hooks right on the spot in the studio. Everything about us and Tiga just flows."

The opening title track is a minimal exercise in industrial. It booms and clangs while Tiga and the Bros chant hip-hop's favorite grace. It dives deeper into the strange with psychedelic moods and atmospheric rhythms on "Aphex N Girls," a monochromatic track that colors itself in chaos. 

“Cleopatra” takes an old-school electro approach, a favorite flavor for the Brothers. It's pumped up with plenty of retro-inspired noise and cut with a modern club crispness. EP closer "Late Nite" wraps it all up in a head knocker that builds on a demure bassline that doesn't just walk, it downright struts. It still keeps its even keel, though. This EP is as vibrant as grayscale gets.

“Chris and Steve brought a deep knowledge of house music and DJ energy-flow, while I left my deep hatred of live studio jam sessions at the door," Tiga says. "These tracks are tougher, funkier and weirder than 99.3% of contemporary dance music, and it’s all because we were brave enough to get sincere and real."

If you're digging the low-key weirds, hang tight. There's more where this came from.

"We probably made about 10 tracks, and this is just four of them that we came up with," the Brothers explain. "Definitely stay tuned for more."

Blessed EP PT 1 comes out on Turbo Recordings Friday, Nov. 16, but you can listen to its four tracks in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance. 


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