Zomboy Puts The Funk Back Into Bass Music On 'Lone Wolf': Exclusive

Courtesy of Zomboy


Zomboy will also embark on a North American tour.

You ever listen to bass music and feel like it's kind of all the same? Zomboy is hyper aware of the danger, and he refuses to let his sound go stale. His latest release "Lone Wolf" is out everywhere Friday, Nov. 16, but you can get in step with the slickness a day early, exclusively on Billboard Dance, and smash the presave to stay ahead of the game.

"The bass music scene, however wonderful and broad, can often get a little tired," Zomboy tells Billboard Dance. "This is only to be expected when something this popular attracts so many new and hungry producers. In the current climate a lot of the groove and energy has been substituted for a harder, simpler and more aggressive sound."

As much of the electronic world finds inspiration in '90s and early 2000s house, Zomboy, too, looks to funkier pastures for inspirations. "Lone Wolf" taps a little bit into that soul, then injects it with popcorn bounce and grade-A, 100 percent grass-fed rumble. It's as brutal and biting as anything else on the market, but it's also got a fullness to it and a funk that stands out in the crowd.

Zomboy will further fuel his exploration with a 30-date North American tour. The theme is Rott N' Roll, and the "Lone Wolf" will be joined by fellow frontiersmen Space Laces, Badklaat and Luzcid. Tickets for the tour on on sale now.

Get a first listen of "Lone Wolf" below.