Haywyre Announces 6-Part EP, Proves His Live Funk Chops On 'Tell Me': Exclusive

Jason Siegel


True artistic expression is always a great undertaking, but jazz pianist and electronic producer Haywyre is ready for more. Born Martin Vogt, his latest release "Tell Me" is the lead single to an EP called Discovery, itself only the first part of six in a series called Panorama. 

"After releasing my last album, Two Fold pt. 2, I began a strange journey that challenged me in many ways," Vogt tells Billboard Dance. "All the obstacles seemed to be forcing learning lessons down my throat. I started considering that some of them may be valuable to others too, or might at least be good reminders. Panorama is my attempt at drawing from the essence of my recent experiences, good and bad, and embodying then in a way that connects with people."

Vogt wrote a wealth of music for this project, then sat and thought about what greater themes these songs and experiences all fit into. He settled on Discover, Form, Fragment, Control, Resolve and Fulfill. 

"In a sense, this is as personal as it gets," he continues. "I drew from everything I could; moments of excitement, love, discovery, realization, and connection; but also fear, insecurity, depression and disgust. I wanted the full spectrum. In another sense, it couldn't be less personal, because I'm avoiding the literal personal accounts that drove me to create this in the first place. I don’t want people hearing my story. I want people hearing their story in my music."

But back to "Tell Me," which is definitely a highlight. It's bright and romantic, delicious with a disco-funk groove that'll have you strutting down halls like catwalks. Vogt showcases his skills on the keys in a live performance video full of improvised fills, and he works the talkbox like a pro.

"The beginning of my life as a musician started with a Yamaha keyboard when I was a young child, and to this day, playing the keyboard is one of the greatest joys of my life," he says. "The cool thing about improvising is that you always find something new in the present moment, if you challenge yourself to do so. We could have done everything in one take, but to capture some of the charm from other camera angles and performance audio, we decided to incorporate about three different takes." 

It's only the first step in a long journey, but Vogt couldn't be more excited to see what fans think. If it generates "even a fraction" of the emotions he put into the work, it will all have been worth it.

Start your journey with Vogt through "Tell Me" below. It's the easiest, freshest first step you'll take all week.