Porter Robinson Shares His Favorite Albums of 2018

Porter Robinson
Gaelle Beri

Porter Robinson

Remember when Porter Robinson spent his birthday shouting out his favorite musicians across genres? Now, he spreads the love even more, giving fans a breakdown of his three favorite albums of the year. In fact, all three of the artists he mentioned on his birthday list made this countdown.

If you're looking for sonic suggestions from the king of interesting, definitely give these three releases a spin. (We break 'em down for you just a bit below too.)

Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place

This London-based trio plays adorable across a psychedelic soundscape that's sticky and sweet as melted candy. Frontwoman Sarah Midori Perry sings softly over producers Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled's chaotic insanity. Electric guitar, acoustic drums, drum machines and all manner of electronic noise bring this album's 12 tracks to vibrant heights, and just like Robinson, Japanese culture influences are all over the place. Definitely don't miss "Only Acting." Let's all give that 3-minute mark a round of applause.

G Jones - The Ineffable Truth 

You ever listen to something that just breaks your brain on impact? This brilliant 11-track release deconstructs your every notion of sound and space, then puts the pieces back together in a new collage of chaos and beauty. It's expressive, challenging, enthralling and fresh as hell. G Jones was already a god-level beat maker, but he cements himself as a leader of his generation with this one.

Swardy - Here On My Own

You may be familiar with The M Machine. If you're not, go and familiarize yourself. Swardy is one half of that duo, and his solo work has got fans and fellow producers straight buzzed. The aptly-titled Here on My Own is a beautiful exploration of inner moods. It's soft-touch grooves feel like falling into a cashmere blanket. It's easy and comfortable, the kind of feeling you don't ever want to escape. It's out on Matt Zo's Mad Zoo label. Give it a serious spin or five.