Marshmello Learns About Himself (and the World) in 'Together' Video: Watch

Marshmello, "Together"
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Marshmello, "Together"

Marshmello struggles with his roots in the heart-warming music video for Joytime II single "Together," and his personal journey is decorated with the kindness of others. We see the young producer back in grade school, sweating over an assignment that requires students to tell about their cultural heritage. His friends have wonderful family trees, but where do Marshmellos come from?

No one wants to see the producer stressing during Thanksgiving, so each invites Marshy over to their house for a family dinner. He dines on delicious Asian, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines before heading back home where his parents have prepared a little personal history lesson. Everyone comes together in love at the end, because we're much more similar than we are different.

It's a beautiful tale of friendship, acceptance, self-realization and all the things that make this world rich and inviting. We must celebrate the things that make us special as much as we celebrate the specialties of those around us. This Thanksgiving, may we all reflect on our pasts, presents and hopeful futures.

Shed a happy tear or two with "Together" below.