Relive Steve Aoki & Stan Lee's Conversation on the Future, Origins of Marvel & More

The whole creative world mourns the passing of Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee. The 95-year-old gave so much to the world, including timeless heroes including Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man and so many more. Steve Aoki described him once as "the center of the most brilliant imaginations," adding that, as a child, he would dream of inhabiting the colorful pages of Lee's beloved comic worlds.

Aoki once had the pleasure of interviewing Lee about the future. It was in promotion of his Neon Future album series, the third of which was released on Friday. In honor of Lee's life and legacy, we revisit that interview below.

Lee said he hoped "very little" of what he wrote about would come to be, although he didn't have an optimistic view for humanity.

"I think eventually the world will blow itself up," Lee says. "We're getting so good at explosives and missiles, eventually some nut is going to come along and launch a missile against another country, throw one back there, before you know it -- poof. Maybe I've been writing too many comic books. Maybe that's been indoctrinated in my mind too much. I'm going to try to be the other way and say 'I think a Neon Future would be just great.'"

Lee won't see which prediction is correct, and we will miss his imagination for decades to come. Watch Aoki and Lee hang out, and catch some old photos of the funky pals, below.