Arty and Audien Find Bliss On 'Never Letting Go': Listen

Audien and Arty
Nate Rathbun

Audien and Arty

Arty and Audien have been working on track ideas together for years. Their relationship started when Audien remixed Arty's tune "Coming Home," and they've been great buds ever since. A lot of musical ideas didn't make it, but they didn't give up, and today (Nov. 9), we get a blissful trance tune so beautiful, it makes the struggle seem sweet. "Never Letting Go" is out now on Anjunabeats as a two-track EP, featuring a full-length version and a shorter edit.

"Never Letting Go" is airy and magical. It shimmers like diamonds in soft light. It casts rainbows across the room in your mind. We particularly like the half-time breakdown in the song's second half.

"It finally happened," Arty tells Billboard Dance. "It took us three years, a lot of turned down ideas, and a lot of sleepless nights, but we made it happen. Nate is an incredibly talented person, a great friend, and a great soul. It’s amazing to see how he has evolved as a producer since his remix of my track 'Come Home.' Throughout the years, we have shared the same passion about the music we make, we like, and we play in our sets, and that’s what we aimed to express in 'Never Letting Go.' It’s emotional, hopeful, and uplifting. I really hope our fans will feel the same way, because this song is made for them."

"Working on a song with Arty is more than a bucket list item, more than a milestone," Audien adds. "To me, it’s something that had to happen. It’s crazy, I grew up idolizing Arty’s work, to work with him is a dream come true. We’re very similar him and I, and I don’t mean just musically. I see a lot of myself in him even in our personal lives. Honestly, he’s the man, and he’s one of the few people I can call a true friend. Excited about this song."

Grab your besties hand and let its brightness inspire you below.