Loco Dice Gives Timo Maas' 'Dark Society' A Wonky Ride: Exclusive Remix

Loco Dice
Maria Bokhari

Loco Dice

Do you like your tech house with a side of warbly funk? Loco Dice's remix of Timo Maas "Dark Society" is definitely for you. It's serious heat, but its delivered with a sly smile, and not too pretentious for a good time by any means.

The original is dark and driving in its own right, but Loco Dice digs deep into the rhythm and pulls out even techier grooves. It's a percussive slice of strange for the beat heads in the crowd, centered squarely around an adorable apparition of a synth melody. If a cartoon ghost hit the dance floor, this would be its ultimate jam. It's coming out on Dice's label, Desolat, and Maas is thrilled for the opportunity.

"I wrote this track quite a while ago with Mark Deutsche (2Pole)," Maas tells Billboard Dance. "I wasn't sure in the beginning if this could be something for Dice, knowing that he is not usually releasing this kind of tripped-out techy stuff, but he was immediately into this. [He] needed a bit for his remix though, haha, but in the end, with a great outcome. I’m very happy and proud that after all the years and history together, I am able to finally release on Desolat."

"Timo is one of the most important artists in my life, and we go way back," Loco Dice says. "My first release was on Timo’s label, and my first remix was for one of Timo Maas’ tracks. Today, not only that I can release his music, but it’s also such honor for me to remix the track, after everything that Timo has done for me in my early days. The brotherhood is alive."

Loco Dice's remix of "Dark Society" is out via Desolat on Friday, but you can listen to it below a day in advance, exclusively on Billboard Dance.