DJs Hit the Polls, Show Off Their 'I Voted' Stickers & Encourage Americans to Vote

The Chainsmokers
Olav Stubberud

The Chainsmokers

Is this election the most important election in American history? You'd be inclined to believe it checking social media. It's become a constant conversation -- sometimes hopeful, sometimes mired in frustration and disgust -- but everyone across the aisle can agree that getting out to vote today (Nov. 6) is key to making our voices count.

The dance music community is all about unity, and the DJs and producers of the United States are showing pride in their civic duty. There are even some non-American DJs and producers who live in the United States urging those who can vote to exercise their right. It's quite beautiful, really. The founding fathers would surely get their effing hands up for these ballot drops.

The Chainsmokers, Brillz, Party Favor and more hit their polling places and updated the 'Gram. Won't you do the same? Check out their voting stickers below.


i’m taking Mooshu to go Vote, we’ll see you guys there

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that was easy ---- #vote

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if my lazy ass can get out and vote you can too --------

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