Nora En Pure Serves Sonic Bliss On 'Polynesia' EP: Listen

Nora En Pure
Suzana Palyan

Nora En Pure

There's nothing that a pleasant, aimless walk in nature can't fix. There's something so calm and reassuring about fresh air wafting with the chirp of little birds. It's just where you're supposed to be, and maybe that's why Nora En Pure taps into such sounds on Polynesia, a four-song EP rosy enough to warm your cooler months.

It opens with the title track, which transports you to a simpler, more tranquil state of mind. It builds on exultant melodies and peaceful piano chords. SiriusXM's chill channel headmaster Ben Harvey is already a big fan, calling "Polynesia" "pure melodic bliss." The EP moves into "Harvesting," a driving beat tempered with mild moods. "Riverwards Stream" flows in cascading synth lines through orchestral valleys, and EP closer "Lioness" stands strong on the project's funkiest rhythm.

Polynesia follows Pure's three-song summer EP Don't Look Back, which also incorporated the sounds of natural wonder to create a warm mood. The EP is out now on Enormous Tunes today (Nov. 2). Listen to it in full below.