Maya Jane Coles & Alter Ego Nocturnal Sunshine Drop New Grooves: Exclusive

Maya Jane Coles
Courtesy of Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles

All hail Maya Jane Coles. The London-based DJ and producer gives fans a tasty double-feature with not one, but two new tunes, one of which comes from her experimental alter ego Nocturnal Sunshine.

We start with "Don't Leave," a dark funk house groove from Coles' eponymous moniker. It's slinky and sexy with some b-boy attitude. You could pop and lock to it, or tap into your sensual side. Whatever the mood, "Don't Leave" can set it off in style. On the flip side, we get Nocturnal Sunshine's "Foundation." It's a smidge thicker, like wading slowly into the deep end of a pool. A cool, repetitive vocal begs dancers to come together in a kind of celebration, and the beat drives it home.

“I don’t want Nocturnal Sunshine to be placed in any kind of box when it comes to genre," Coles tells Billboard Dance. "This project allows me to explore the sounds that first got me into making music, crossing over with the sounds that later became part of my style. 'Foundation' gives a little taster of what’s to come from my second Nocturnal Sunshine album. I tend to veer away from the more traditional four-to-the-floor rhythms with this project, so it’s exciting not to have any boundaries.”

There's a connectivity to the two for sure. We like them as a pair. Both "Don't Leave" and "Foundation" see full release on Friday, but you can dive into both worlds below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.