Whethan's Adorable 'Radar' Feat. HONNE Video Is All Fun & Sunflowers: Watch

Jimmy Fontaine


Sunflowers -- they're some of the happiest plants around. They reach toward the sun every morning and grow tall as people, and in the case of Whethan's "Radar" music video, featuring HONNE, they kind of are people.

The happy-go-lucky dance-pop tune gets just as joyous a mood in its official music video. Directed by Spencer Graves, the clip features a humanoid sunflower hanging around with friends in Los Angeles, smoking on trees, dancing with girls. It's all a good time, although his dark-haired girlfriend does seem a little distracted.

If you never wanted to hang out with flowers, this should change your tune. Look out for Whethan on tour, and look out for his forthcoming EP, Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1, on Nov. 9.