Nina Kraviz Rains Techno During DJ Set From Top of Eiffel Tower: Watch

Nina Kraviz @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle
Courtesy of Cercle

Nina Kraviz performs at Tour Eiffel for Cercle.

Talk about mood. Nina Kraviz laying down nearly two hours of avant garde techno on the deck of the Eiffel Tower is a big one. The performance was recorded live on Oct. 15, as part of livestream platform Cercle, which dedicates itself to bringing electronic fans high-grade sets in uniquely beautiful locations.

The Eiffel Tower's own account said it best when it tweeted "two iron ladies reunited." It's a brewing, hypnotic collection of tracks that builds to strange peaks and alien grooves. The sun sets in the background as the City of Lights earns its nickname. The video concludes with a 12-minute interview.

"This place was built many many years ago by a genius," Kraviz says. "I think techno music in that sense, in that context, really belongs here, because it's like this is the human made building to present what technology and something the human being could do, so i think techno music as a minimalistic, avant garde music ... fits really perfectly here and I'm really proud and honored."

Check the techno titan on her throne of iron and lose your mind in the rhythm below.