Martin Garrix Announces Mike Yung Collaboration

Martin Garrix
Louis van Baar

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix just released a five-song EP the week before his back-to-back Amsterdam Dance Event celebration, but he already has another hit lined up in the chamber. 

The Dutch DJ and producer teased fans with news that he's collaborated with America's Got Talent's famous subway singer, Mike Yung. The 60-year-old stunned television audiences with his soulful sound in 2017, but he hasn't had a hit on his own just yet. He took to Twitter to share his thanks and appreciation for Garrix' opportunity.

"This guy ... could work with anyone," Yung tweeted. "Why he chose to work with a 60 yr (sic) old like me was always confusing ... Martin thank u (sic) for the opportunity, and I love you man."

The untitled song is out Friday, Nov. 2, according to Yung's tweet. Check out their tweets below.