The Chainsmokers & Aazar Blend Emo and Dubstep On 'Sirens': Listen

The Chainsmokers
Olav Stubberud

The Chainsmokers

You ever have a friend that just keeps letting you down to the point that you just don't feel the pain anymore? There's a numbness to patterned behavior, but ignoring your feelings can lead to chaotic results, kind of like the new tune from The Chainsmokers and French producer Aazar, "Sirens." 

It starts off sing-song sentimentality from The Chainsmokers' singer Andrew Taggart and a heavy-hearted beat. There's a deep sadness in this story, but the underlying problems work their way to the forefront just as the screeching dubstep "Sirens" take control. The single comes with a jarring lyric video that sees the drop boosted by flying images of broken glass, cigarettes, money, pills and other vices. 

"Sirens" follows The Chainsmokers' "Save Yourself" with NGHTMRE, another heavy dubstep-influenced beat. "Sirens" joins the growing streaming package The Chainsmokers' started with "Sick Boy" earlier this year.

There's still plenty of dance-pop on there if you're in the mood for something lighter, but if you're happy to get rough and tumble, listen to "Sirens" below.