Oliver Heldens Signs to RCA, Sets a 'Fire in My Soul' With Shungudzo: Listen

Oliver Heldens
Cooper Seykens

Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens just signed to RCA Records, and he's throwing himself a party. His latest track "Fire In My Soul" is two minutes and 55 seconds of pure, unbridled celebration. Layers of colorful sound rain down like confetti as singer-songwriter Shungduzo catches the blaze and brings it higher toward the stars. Heldens calls the song, co-produced by two-time Grammy winner Oak Felder, "one of my favorite songs I've made to date."

"Earlier in 2018, I went to L.A. for a writing week and got in the studio with Shungudzo, Oak Felder and The Orphanage," Heldens is quoted in a press release. "We all come from very diverse parts of the world; The Netherlands, Turkey, Zimbabwe, (and) the US. When we got into the studio, I told them I was very inspired by African music recently, so we started showing each other all this different African music we liked. That really got us in this vibe to create 'Fire In My Soul.'"

Heldens is excited about this first step on his new RCA journey, and the company's Senior Director, A&R man Rob Inadomi is equally as thrilled.

“I was blown away by 'Gecko' when I first heard it back in 2014 and knew that one day I had to work with Oliver," Inadomi says. "Oliver has paved the way for himself as a house music innovator at the forefront of a young generation of producers. It’s an enormous privilege and honor to bring Oliver and his signature blend of future house into the RCA Collective."

RCA's Senior Director of Marketing Matt Goldman concurs. “It’s an exciting time for electronic music at RCA," Goldman says. "Oliver’s positive impact on the genre over the past few years is undeniable, and he’ll be a key artist for our team as we expand our dance roster over the coming months.”

If you're ready to get your own party started, "Fire In My Soul" is an absolute blaze. Hop into its good time below.