Ninja Partners With Astralwerks to Release Upcoming 'Ninjawerks' Album

Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Content Pool


Tetris. Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda. These video game soundtracks are seriously iconic. Childhood game play helped inspire tons of today's top electronic dance producers to get weird with digital noise, and you can hear the influence these bleep-bloops have in everything from future bass to dubstep, dance-pop and more.

Gaming is quickly becoming one of the largest entertainment markets in the modern economy, thanks to advancements in online gameplay and passive streaming. Twitch helped make international stars out of people like Ninja. He's the most followed streamer on the platform and just might be the most famous gamer in the world. He's also very into music, and now, he's designed a new compilation album he hopes could be your favorite gaming soundtrack ever.

"I'm stoked about this project, first because I truly love the music, but also because I think this is another big step towards bridging the gap between music artists and gamers,” Ninja is quoted in a press release. “Our worlds keep getting more and more connected, and this feels like the next step -- hopefully this can become the soundtrack to gaming. It's also amazing to partner with Astralwerks and Capitol Music Group, because they bring so much credibility to the album. I mean. Come on. Get your ears ready.”

Ninjawerks is slated for release on Astralwerks, a legendary dance music label that also just happens to have released Marshmello's recent single "Happier." Marshmello and Ninja are super besties. We'd be more surprised if Marshmello didn't appear on Ninjawerks, but we can't say what the track list includes for sure just yet. We can't say what the release date will be either, so you'll just have to stay tuned for more news to come.

“Partnering with Ninja and taking our first step into the gaming world simultaneously as a label is an extremely exciting proposition, and we couldn’t be happier to be announcing Ninjawerks," Astralwerks General Manager Toby Andrews is quoted. "Working with Ninja and his team at Loaded to curate and conceptualize the album and the coming campaign has been remarkable. Through the hard work and dedication of a lot of people, it’s great to see this project come to life and expand the possibilities of what we can offer artists.”

Check out the teaser image for Ninjawerks below, and start dreaming up your favorite gaming sounds in anticipation.