Marshmello Reminds Us to Put the Phones Down in 'Check This Out' Video: Watch

Marshmello Check This Out
Courtesy Photo

Marshmello, "Check This Out"

How many "likes" does it take before you actually like yourself? Marshmello's latest music video, "Check This Out," is a reminder that life is happening all around us. If you don't put your phone down every once in a while, you might miss it.

"Check This Out" starts off like any fun summer adventure. The tasty tune-maker rubs sunscreen all over his plastic face before heading out, but he also decides to leave his phone at home. He hits the sand only to find a beach full of people so distracted, they can't even see the man drowning in front of them. Marshmello is left with only one choice, as well as a question: can he change their perspectives?

Of course, "Check This Out" is a hyper-happy song, so the video has a happy ending. It's one of the rainbow-sprinkled singles from his sophomore album Joytime II, released in June of 2018. All its tracks are a throwback to his original, candy-coated electric-trap sound. There aren't any fancy pop features, just good summery fun.

Watch "Check This Out" below, and get inspired to have an adventure you don't need to "share."