Mike Posner Says He Recorded Unused Vocals For Avicii's 'Levels'

Sean Eriksson


If you're 35 years of age or younger, no doubt you've heard Avicii's "Levels." The modern electronic classic famously samples Etta James' powerful vocals from her 1962 R&B hit "Something's Got A Hold Of Me." It's part of what makes Avicii's simple melody so iconic, but if things had gone a little differently, we'd all be singing Mike Posner in our heads right now.

The Detroit singer-songwriter famously references Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, in the lyrics of his 2016 hit "I Took A Pill In Ibiza." Now, Posner has opened up about his relationship with the late dance trailblazer in a recent radio interview with New York's Alt 92.3.

"Tim always liked my stuff and my writing," he says, "So he would always -- every 6 months or so -- send me some tracks he was working on, and ask me to write to them. He actually sent me 'Levels.'

Posner goes on to explain that he recorded "like six toplines" because he "couldn't get them right."

"They weren't that good, that's why he didn't use them," he jokes. "I mean, they were good but not, like, the thing, which is...90 percent of what I do is just not useable."

Avicii was 28 when he left behind a legacy of hits and uplifting melodies.