Vicetone Releases Avicii-Inspired Single 'South Beach': Listen

Rutger Prins


It's been about six months since legendary house producer Avicii died from an apparent suicide, and his loss is still felt deeply among his peers, fans and friends. There's been an outpouring of love for the man and his musical legacy, and there have even been a few songs released by others dedicated to his memory, and today, Dutch duo Vicetone adds its voice to the conversation with a song that certainly captures the Swedes' melodic magic.

"South Beach" isn't a brand-new song, but actually an idea Vicetone started more than half a decade ago. It's big, bright and heartfelt with skyrocketing synth lines that shimmer just like their idol's.

"When we started out making music together, Avicii was the biggest example of the kind of energy and feeling we wanted to have in our music," Vicetone says in a joint emailed statement. "His death hit us a lot harder then we ever would've expected. And we created South Beach in the time when Avicii's music was everything to us. This track is our homage to one of our all-time heroes and we took a lot of time to finish what we started six years ago. We hope that our song will give people that special feeling that we have always experienced when listening to his music."

Vicetone really hones in on some of Avicii's signature techniques. Nothing could ever replace his brilliance, but "South Beach" is sure to give Avicii fans some nostalgic warm fuzzies. Listen to it below.