Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter Teases New Techno Heat 'Riga (Take 5)': Listen

Jasmina81/Getty Images


It's been five years since Daft Punk released any new material, but that doesn't mean its members have been resting on their laurels. The duo has kept busy co-producing with artists like The Weeknd and Arcade Fire, and just recently, the group's Thomas Bangalter got into the studio to record some techno titanium for 2017 Latvian film Riga (Take 1).

Ed Banger Records, run by Daft Punk's former manager Busy P, isn't the label set to release the tune, but it did share a snippet of the monster industrial mood on Instagram. The teaser says "Riga (Take 5)" was recorded in one take, and it seems to be more than 14 minutes long.

The soundtrack sound bite is about to see limited release on one-sided blue vinyl. Listen to the clip of "Riga (Take 5)" below.