Deadmau5 Apologizes For Offensive Comments, Says He's Getting Help

Jess Baumung

Deadmau5 took to Twitter Wednesday, Oct. 10, to publicly apologize for offensive comments, and announce that he will be "going off the radar" as he gets "professional help."

"This has been a very difficult period and I sincerely apologize for my comments which were completely offensive and I take full responsibility," Deadmau5 wrote in a note. "My desire to start a label was to uplift my community and give opportunities to the next generation, and I have fallen very short of that goal."

A gaming video of Deadmau5 reacting harshly to one of Slushii's songs playing in the background -- calling it "AIDS music" and "autistic" -- recently surfaced. Slushii found the clip and shared it on Twitter, revealing to fans that he is actually diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. The announcement happened to coincide with World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10).

"I always looked up to deadmau5, and I don’t take having a form of autism lightly," Slushii tweeted. "It’s sad as such an influential member of our community you continue to use your platform to bring others down."

His partner Marshmello then got involved, calling deadmau5 out for "insecurity." 

See all of the tweets below.