Kungs and Throttle Catch Club Fever On 'Disco Night'

Andrea Bielsa 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, blah, blah, until finally, "Disco Night." It's time to throw on your flashiest clothes and hit that neon dance floor, because Kungs and Throttle just dropped a discoteque groove for glitter dreams.

"Disco Night" is bouncy and dark, funky and kind of weird. It's got some French Touch flair with lots of primary-colored synth bits and a warped-out electronic siren call not unlike the ones found all over Daft Punk's Homework. "Disco Night" is hot like a disco diva. She's a cute one, but she might cut you if you don't move correctly.

Kungs and Throttle have been real excited to release this one, sharing lots of teaser videos on twitter. It's finally time for the funk, and you can get your disco on with the song below.