Hardwell, VINAI and Cam Meekins Dance Their Way 'Out Of This Town': Listen

Gerard Henninger

Can you feel the weekend in the air? Hardwell and his buddy VINAI managed to capture that feeling as perfectly as we've ever heard it on their collaboration "Out Of This Town," thanks in no small part to some super fun and breezy rap verses from Cam Meekins

A rose-colored beat sets the tone for a song that feels all smiles, even if it does have plenty of that Dutch house Hardwell edge. It's like you can hear the cool smile in Meekins' voice as he bounces out of his hometown like a kid who just got called out of class early. The drop is where things get electrified, but it's still got some kind of sunshine to it that really brightens up the room.

"Out Of This Town" is Hardwell's first release since the producer announced he'd no longer be DJing. He wants to focus more on his family and studio work, and if this is the kind of result, and who could blame him? It's been about a month since he made the proclamation. Consider this track proof that he won't waste any time. It's out now on Revealed Music.

Listen to "Out Of This Town" below.