10 Songs About Candy

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No matter who you are or what you're doing, you like candy. Sure, you can sit there and say you don't want candy. You can be on a diet or really dislike refined sugars, but when push comes to shove, there's one sweet out there that gets your mouth watering no matter the time of day. It might not even be sweet. It might be sour or salty, maybe tangy. It could be chewy or gummy, crunchy or silky-smooth. The candy for you is out there, and chances are you already know what it is.

Of course, October is international candy month, but can celebrate candy in all its sticky, sugary glory every day of the year with these bite-size dance songs. Whether you like jawbreaking bass, melt-in-your-mouth moods, or effervescent electro-pop, this list of dance songs about candy will hit the spot.

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ZeddAloe Blacc & Grey - "Candyman"

Any English-speaking childhood isn't complete without a few hundred viewings of the 1971 classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Likewise, anyone who's seen that movie should recognize this cover from Zedd and his friends. This future bass take was crafted for a special M&Ms promotion, and infamously started a serious feud between the producer and Diplo that continues to today.

Dillon Francis, Snappy Jit - "Candy"

Francis recently released a full-length Spanish album that nods to his roots as a moombahton producer, and this tune from 2016 definitely exemplifies the California producers' distinct flavor. It's real gnarly with the bass, dirty with the beat and weird as hell with the vocoded verses from Snappy Jit. This tune hit No. 22 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Songs Sales chart, so you know it's good.

Chrome Sparks - "Sugar"

This cut from the Pennsylvania producer's 2018 self-titled album might not be as energetic as a Pixie Stick, but it sure feels good falling on your tongue. Think of it as the hazy high you get if you eat too much sugar on an empty stomach. Everything kind of moved in slow-motion as you wander through the world. It's a strange feeling, and this is a good song.

Chet Faker - "Cigarettes and Chocolate"

Since this bluesy bit of acoustics came out in 2011, the artist Chet Faker changed his moniker to his real name, Nick Murphy. Either way, he's a man who blends the jazzy and classy with the slightly sad. He takes organic elements and runs them over electronic rhythms to create finger-lickin' vibes. "Cigarettes and Chocolate" is spacey, upbeat and a little sad, but it sure is beautiful.

REZZ - "Purple Gusher"

Gushers come in a few colors, but purple seems to be the favorite among REZZ fans. From her 2016 debut release Something Wrong Here, it's a mind-swirling blast of acid techno weirdness and industrial noise. It's a little bit dubstep, a little bit IDM, and a lotta bit of the creepy corner in the attic. This intermingling style is exactly what REZZ fans find so addicting.

Moon Boots - "Sugar"

This is a shimmery disco-electro classic straight from great dance floor moments of 2012. It uses a sample of Janet Jackson's 1993 hit "If" to absolutely smashing effect. It's a seriously groovy few minutes you should bump whenever cocktails or champagne flutes are on the menu. We see gold every time it hits the speakers.

Armin van Buuren, Alexander Popov - "Popcorn"

Pass the butter, the salt and some extra napkins. Armin van Buuren has a fist-full of jumpin' jam you'll want to shove in your mouth in great big gobs. Why is this one called "Popcorn?" It all becomes clear when the hardstyle drums hit. This one is fresh out the oven, released in 2018. Just like a good popcorn movie, it's got lots of delicious twists and turns. It's a real trance treat.

Ganja White Night - "Bubblegum"

There's a tribal heat to this song right out the gate. Hand drums and wailing vocals build steam as the bass starts to boil. It's a real wobbly one, ripped from 2013's Mystic Herbalist. Consider it the soundtrack to what your teeth must feel like gnawing on the gooey goodness. It's cartoonish and surreal, like bright pink food that just doesn't disintegrate.

Cirez D - "Lollipop"

C?irez D is Eric Prydz' funky techno alias, and "Lollipop" is a real synth sucker. It goes way back to 2005. It's simple in composition, and it's a little bit naughty, depending on how you look at it. It's got some edgy electro vibes. It's definitely something for the freaks who came to get down.

YOOKiE & Jameston Thieves - "Pop Rocks"

We conclude our list of candy jams with this most bouncy bit of bass. YOOKiE and Jamestown Thieves bring a boom that'll hop right out your mouth. Don't just stand there with your jaw hanging open, get to jumpin' on the dance floor. When the "Pop Rocks" start to turn, things get real gnarly indeed. 


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