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Moog Releases First New Polyphonic Analog Synth in Decades

Jesse Wild/Future Music Magazine via Getty Images
A collection of Moog synthesizers.

It's been decades since Moog, which is perhaps the music world's most beloved manufacturer of analog synthesizer, released a new instrument, but gear heads might wanna pop some champagne. The North Carolina-based company just announced a programmable, tri-timbal, polyphonic offering that is more advanced than anything it's yet achieved. It's called the Moog One, and it's available now.

Debuted by and available via Sweetwater Sound, the Moog One is available in 8- and 16-voice versions, meaning you can compose in eight or 16 sounds through up to 48 oscillators at a time.

You can also split sounds across three timbers, each of which can be further modified via sequences, arpeggiaters and an onboard effects library. The synth comes complete with a 61-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, too, so get those fingers to work.

See pictures of the Moog One, learn more about it and find out how you can get your creative hands on it at Sweetwater Sound.