Getter Works Through the Darkness in 'Visceral' Album Breakdown: Exclusive

Steven Pahel


One thing is certain: California producer Getter is going through some stuff. His latest album Visceral is filled with dark, moving material. The music speaks to hard times, both pushing through them and succumbing to them, despite your best efforts. It's a human album. It doesn't shy away from life's roughest truths, but there is beauty in hardship.

Visceral comes to life across 12 tracks that explore musical themes of hip-hop, electronic, bass and rock. If you're looking for a grand resolution, you may be left wanting. Sonically, it's a full story, but the message at the end of the line isn't one of having your loose ends all tied up and figured out. It's an honest portrait of the human condition when things are looking rocky. We caught up with Getter to hear more about his motivations in the track-by-track breakdown below.

It’s an ongoing build into the album. I tried to use the feeling of being lost in purgatory, being fucked forever. Stuck in your own crazy head and shit just keeps getting worse.

“Part of Me” feat. AudioOpera
This one is about being so close with someone that you will do or say anything to make them feel better, even if it means surrendering your dignity. Their feelings are more important than yours.

“Numb” feat. Allan Kingdom
This track has an uplifting vibe, masked with false hope. This one is more about something just not working out; starting strong, but getting weaker over and over so many times, you are numb to it. 

“All Is Lost” feat. nothing,nowhere.
This song is about having the feeling that everything around you is crumbling, whether it be from someone passing, a relationship ending, or just going through hard times. Nothing matters. Why continue?

“Best of Me“ feat. Sweetsound
This one tries to capture the feeling of being in a fucked-up relationship. Bad shit keeps happening. You’re always breaking up and getting back together, but the chemistry is stronger than the problems.

"Release" feat. Midoca
This song only took 24 hours to make. It's straight and to the point. This song is about having a cloudiness in your head. Something is wrong, but you don’t talk to anyone to avoid pity. All you want is release.

"Colorblind (Interlude)"
I re-did this song so it's less of a party and more of a funeral; the most honest song on the album. I wrote the lyrics during a bad breakdown. I was not in good shape. This song represents how crazy you can make yourself feel.

"Made for You (Alone Again)"
This one is about getting shut down every chance you're given, knowing for a fact that you belong with someone. Showing that someone that you are in fact made for them, but they just can't see it.

"Bleed” feat. NameUL
Original version of this was on my Planet Neutral album, dedicated to one of my first friends in L.A., Johnnie Greenback. He always pushed me to make new, different shit. This song was, and still is, for him.

“Hold On Tight” feat. NJOMZA
One of the first songs I made for the album. NJOMZA is a great singer and knew exactly what to write. This ones about hanging in there when you think everything is falling apart. You are not as hopeless as you think.

"Solo" feat. Party Nails
This song was written on the "Wat The Frick Tour." This song is about always being there for someone, no matter what; whether that be girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, doesn't matter - you are there.

"On My Way Out" feat. Joji
This song has a double meaning: 1. "on my way out of this shit," like you're finally starting to see colors again; and 2. "on my way out of this world," meaning you have accepted defeat and want to give up.


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