Alan Walker and Sophia Somajo Stand Strong With 'Diamond Heart': Watch

Stian Andersen
Alan Walker

'The World of Walker' goes a level deeper with the Norwegian producer's latest music video.

Alan Walker's "Diamond Heart," out today (Sept. 28), is a wish for strength, but sonically, there's no chip in its backbone.

Walker's signature bouncing rhythm comes through as only slightly tropical under the weight of singer Sophia Somajo's bullet-proof performance, reminiscent at times of the great Sia.

In the accompanying visual, we once again find ourselves wandering strange, fantastical landscapes as those left over from the apocalypse try to figure out their way. Some adventurers across great distances find artifacts and activate some kind of power. The growing partnership between darkness and light continues to deepen. What do you make of it all?

Walker dedicated this song to his fans across the world. Dive into his dystopian world with "Diamond Heart" below.